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Plan Your Hot Air Balloon Ride

Just like any other event or outing, a certain amount of planning is involved. In general, passengers tend to book their balloon ride a week or two in advance. With this in mind, we recommend that you try to give us as much time as possible when booking your balloon flight. Weekend evening flights are the most popular and need to be booked farther in advance.

Scheduling your flight

If you’re available to fly during the week, our schedule is more open and we can usually accommodate you within a few days. Don’t hesitate to call us at the last minute. We sometimes have cancellations and can possibly fit you in. If time permits, we do request a deposit to hold your reservation; credit cards are not accepted but a personal check is fine.

Because of our dependency on the wind and weather, each flight is unique. Sometimes it’s a person’s first hot air balloon ride or maybe even a surprise marriage proposal at 1,000 ft in the air! Either way, each time we take off, memories are made. Call us today if you’ve yet to experience the thrill of Ballooning!